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We Are The Wave Season 2: When will the Netflix series continue?

In the drama film The Wave of 2008, normal students staged a rebellion through a school experiment. We are the wave treated a very similar situation. After a short first season, there is now a desire for replenishment. When will the Netflix series continue? The first season of We Are The Wave was over after

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Borussia Dortmund plans these transfers in winter

In less than four weeks begins the winter transfer phase for the Bundesliga clubs. Borussia Dortmund has already announced an internal analysis in advance to be able to “optimize” the squad if necessary. looks at the plans of BVB: Who could go? Who should come BVB in the transfer check: The goalkeepersExisting staff: Roman

Ferrari strategy costs Charles Leclerc final qualifying round

Ferrari made in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi for a worthy of discussion situation. For the second attempt in Q3 Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were sent as the last cars on the track. Then the drivers had to go in the warm-up lap of the gas in order to keep distance

Venice Italy Make My Trip

If you are looking for venice italy make my trip, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting hotel and travel website is a standard solution for everyone. However, when there are so many travel website companies out there, we may confuse and hard to figure out which one to use. Less worry and be sure

Formula 1: Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is the man behind the successes

Tuesday, 05.11.2019 08:18 clock The questions have been asked continuously for years: How is the long-term dominance of Mercedes and now six times World Champion Lewis Hamilton possible in Formula 1? Why do not the competitors manage to sustainably catch up with the Silver Arrows?    Especially in comparison to Ferrari is the answer: Because

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Bizarre autumn crisis duplicity: Kovac and Bayern – can that still be good?

Sunday, 03. November 2019                                By Tobias Nordmann                                           If Bayern loses in the Bundesliga 1: 5 in Frankfurt and the captain is not surprised, then the next official fall crisis is no longer deniable. Coach Niko Kovac may continue despite the revelation, for the time being. But a comeback Deja-vu like 2018 is

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